MY very 1st blog post… Well sort of..

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


This is MY very first post. I MAY modify or delete it, or even start a new post. I have no clear idea yet as to why I’ve started this post or even what I’m going to do with it… I may write about my life, I might write about others, I may dedicate it to crafting, romance, the supernatural, spiritualism, parenting, being a wife, mother, teacher, wise woman, crone… Well maybe not that last one… Unless you like the word and really know what it means, the word crone inspires all kinds of weird ideas, and not all of them really describe well, me…

I am what you would call Unique… if you didn’t know me and met me on the street I believe you would think it a totally unique experience. I like being me.. and I take pride in being MY~Self… I don’t like boxes… (or being put in them ) Unless they are the kind that come with gifts inside. ( and I’m OK with being the gift!!!)

Some people would judge that I came from a broken home… and that because of my child hood experiences that somehow I must be broken… So not true. I don’t need fixing… at least not that kind of fixing…

I’m not sure if it’s the Japanese or  the Chinese that take broken items and repair them with Gold solder… Whoever invented it, I am grateful… You inspired a piece of my inner self to look deeply for the little veins of gold and see myself as The Masterpiece I truly am..

So I will stomp my feet… Climb to the top of the highest hill ( I bet you thought I would say Mountain… Nope not that kind of climber…) anyway back to the top of that hill… And I would yell to the sky that “I’m Not Broken!!!”… and I would yell even for you, if you wanted me to… Because you see I KNOW that even though I don’t know anything about you, I KNOW without a doubt in my mind that you are not broken either… and if you think you are, than maybe you haven’t found the veins of gold that run deep in the cracks…

So I’m going to call it quits for now… Maybe I’ll have more to write later… Who knows? Maybe this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the whole rest of humanity, or at least the part that chooses to read my posts…


5 thoughts on “MY very 1st blog post… Well sort of..

      1. Yes ! I started here just 2 days ago and I feel so good knowing that I’m not the only “crazy” one out there. But also have so many questions and sometimes this process can be confusing, don’t you feel? thanks 🙂


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