What the Hell happened to ME???


Where did I go???

Somewhere I got lost… The I that I was supposed to be, the I of my Youth… The I that the girl of my youth envisioned.

I was going places, I was going to be somebody, I was more than what the product of my youth made me…. I wasn’t like THEM…. My family, those outcasts from societies norms. THEY were the bane of MY existence. THEY were the dysfunctional ONES. I was NOTHING like THEM!

Yet………. Somehow I knew I was…. I hated that small part of myself that knew THEM personally. I was THEM… Their demons resided deep inside of me hungering to take over my soul, my life, my dreams, and especially my nightmares. I became addicted to THEM. THEY were my EVERY thought …. Until THEY somehow changed and evolved into I.

My Ego had no place else to go….There was no way out….So it decided to go inward…..Deep, very deep, down into the very pit of hell itself. I became the biggest, baddest, most vile Demon of them all….

Yet… I knew somehow I was NOT!!! I was the lost child… I was the SAVIOR!!! I was the one that could lead all of THEM out of HELL. A child shall lead them and that child was ME…

So that brings us to the beginning….

What the HELL happened to ME???


2 thoughts on “What the Hell happened to ME???

  1. Keep on with this Dear Child of GOD…. What has gone before can be a tool for you to use in the years to come… You already are a fine example and teacher… It happened to you and you are a survivor… Sooooo grateful for that fact because having who you are is a blessing in the life of this “Lady”

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